Recap - MindLink V3 New Added Features In 2017

Following the release of the MindLink v3 Product Suite (Version 16.6) during Q2 2016, including both web and mobile clients, MindLink v3 has continuously evolved to maintain its status of providing the leading user experience as an enterprise chat application.

Having recently released a new version in April 2017; version 17.2, users will notice a wealth of changes since the initial release, introducing new features and further enhancing usability when compared to alternatives. In this post we will discuss some of the latest changes introduced this quarter and the positive impact on the user base.

So what’s new? Besides a very noticeable overhaul for the user interface and the user experience, an array of new features have been introduced across MindLink Desktop and MindLink Mobile.

  • Sound & Toast Notifications – users are instantly made aware when new messages are received prompting a more immediate response.
  • Improved SSO Authentication – no need to enter credentials every time, quick & easy system access.
  • User Experience – information at your fingertips, presented in a highly intuitive client requiring less clicks for any user action.

With the release of version 17.1 we introduced new ways in which users can be logged on to MLD through various SSO mechanisms in addition to traditional password authentication. In addition, users will benefit from the ability to receive toast and sound notifications – expanding to titlebar notifications in 17.3 – for MindLink Desktop (MLD – Web Client).

MindLink Mobile users have also witnessed a sweeping range of changes introduced to the user interface further contributing to a highly positive user experience. Additionally in terms of features and functionality, users are able to perform a variety of additional tasks whilst on the go translating to immense productivity benefits, which were previously untapped. This was achieved, in part, by adding the capability to post images/gifs/videos/graphs inline within a conversation; which follows a more global theme for users to quickly digest volumes of important information, all while requiring  minimal interaction from the user.

For a full list of features covered in each release – visit the release notes page at our wiki site:

What’s with all the changes? The MindLink v3 Product Suite presents a repurposed, revamped user interface (across mobile and web) designed to drive communication and expedite the decision making process for each of its users. As pioneers in data privacy, security, mobility and user experience within the enterprise chat space, we constantly look to the market to drive innovation for future development and to maintain our status as market leaders.