Encrypted, Secure and Mission-approved Chat Systems

MindLink improves real-time collaboration and restricts access to mission data to those with a ‘need to know’.

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MindLink offers secure and encrypted real time chat solutions, specifically designed for mission collaboration.

Our chat system incorporates innovative security capabilities – such as classification labelling and

Communities of Interest – to restrict access to only those with a need to know and prevent data spillage.

Delivering secure communication and collaboration to those fighting the battle to keep us safe
Mission Focused

A solution designed specifically to deliver capabilities for today’s challenging mission environment.

Classification & Control

A unique data classification system that allows all chat and message content to be labelled appropriately.

Secure Communities

A sophisticated security architecture that separates data into secret “communities of interest”.


An innovative mechanism to encrypt chat data and manage the sharing of encryption keys with users.

Data classification and Secure Communities of Interest

Protect sensitive data with classification markings. You can use a well-established schema like CAPCO or custom schemas to enable novel classification scenarios. MindLink introduces COI support acting as an ethical wall partition between users and chatrooms. Read/Write and Access rights are modelled off user attributes external to MindLink for an additional layer of security.

Mission-Critical UX with Modern Messaging Features

Compact interface design with additional whitespace management capabilities ensures an experience optimized for high-volume, real-time chat. Although light-weight by design, our web client packs a full range of modern messaging features common to consumer chat apps. This includes hashtags, @mentions, custom aliases and more.

Low Bandwidth Reliability & Secure Access On-the-Go

MindLink Mobile ensures connectivity, specifically in remote or forward deployed scenarios with low-bandwidth networks, by leveraging a lightweight proprietary network architecture.Using a stateless mobile client and an end to end encrypted connection, MindLink Mobile grants authorized personnel secure mobile access to chatrooms and instant messaging.

Native Data Export Functionality & Low Network Footprint

MindLink Chat Engine features a built-in data export capability that extracts messages and compiles conversations from the underlying database ready for compliance journaling.MindLink Compliance reduces the strain on network by staggering the data transfer at peak times through robust scheduling mechanisms.

MindLink API & Bespoke Integrations

Use our RESTful API to eliminate time-consuming manual processes by interfacing business applications with chat. We can also help with any custom integration requirements, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be in touch.

Persistent Chat

At MindLink, we understand and maintain the traditional concept of Persistent Chat. By building on top of the core values, we deliver best in class solutions for Persistent Chat.

MindLink enables and adds value to mission-critical use cases such as incident management, shift-based teamwork and inter-organisational collaboration.

Through our unique security, technology and data protection capabilities, paired with a user experience designed for high-volume messaging; we offer the tools organisations need, and users want.

A best-in-class Persistent Chat platform
for mission-critical messaging.