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Secure, encrypted chat designed for effective collaboration in real-time scenarios. Using advanced data classification and user entitlements, MindLink protects mission data and restricts access to those with a need to know. Find out what MindLink can do for your Mission.

Find out how MindLink is leveraged by Defense and Intelligence and their mission partners.

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MindLink offers mission-approved chat systems meeting strict requirements set by the global intelligence community.

Supporting real-time coordination and collaboration and enabling users to absorb and dissect high volumes of important information.

Ensuring messaging compliance, managed user access and data privacy between users, teams and external coalition partners.

Delivering secure communication and collaboration to those fighting the battle to keep us safe

Mission-Focused UX

MCE natively supports mission scenarios such as realtime coordination, watch-based teamwork, incident management, and is engineered for use from remote or forward-deployed positions.

Classification & Control

MCE data classification is the unique adaptation of military-grade labelling and access control techniques to chat rooms and messages using sophisticated national classification systems such as CAPCO as GSCP.

Communities of Interest

The MCE security architecture is rooted in the novel “Communities of Interest” paradigm advocated by the Intelligence Community based on ‘the Need to Know’ and Coalition Working.

Enterprise End-to-End Encryption

MCE’s end-to-end encryption is an innovative approach to zero-trust architecture using specialized information security paradigms adopted by the Intelligence Community.

MindLink for Secure Mission Collaboration

MindLink features a unique ecosystem of built-in security capabilities that work in tandem to support mission-critical use cases.

CAPCO Classification

MindLink is engineered to treat chatrooms as a classified document which can be labelled with portion and banner classifications in conformance with the US CAPCO classification system.

User Entitlements

MindLink features Attribute-Based Access Control, user permissions and access rights are driven by a user’s corporate entitlements, this includes access to chatrooms and classification labels.

Communities of Interest

MindLink supports Communities of Interest as a built-in ethical walling capability that extends beyond the common practice of named, private chatrooms with strictly defined member lists.

Enterprise End to End Encryption

MindLink leverages existing encryption and trust systems, access to encryption keys is controlled by user entitlement and ensures data can only be read by the people in the room.

Data Spillage Prevention

By leveraging Classification, Communities of Interest, User Entitlements and Enterprise End to End Encryption, MindLink is built to prevent data spillage. MindLink protects data at the highest levels of classification, guards against bad actors, and the insider threat.

Remote & Forward Deployment Support

Using a lightweight network architecture, MCE is designed to operate over constrained networks for stable communications in remote or forward deployed scenarios.

What our clients say

"MindLink Chat Engine enables our internal users and external coalition partners to collaborate effectively and securely in active mission scenarios. By enforcing data classification and end-to-end encryption we minimize the risk of data spillage to better protect the mission. MindLink not only increases our data security posture but directly impacts our ability to make critical decisions in real-time and brings focus to mission execution." - Gov. Tech. Consultant
“Since using MindLink Anywhere our analysts can more quickly locate and disseminate information, powerful search and filter mechanics significantly reduce the duration of our intelligence discovery process. The user experience allows us to monitor multiple active feeds simultaneously using a combination of alerts, notifications and the LiveStream. For us it’s all about getting the right information to the right people at the right time – This is precisely what MindLink does and it does it securely too.” - Senior Analyst
“We are pleased to see a vendor on-board our strict [security] requirements in a forward-thinking manner and with attention to detail. MindLink is quickly becoming a well-established term for our coalition partners as a key driver in our secure mission collaboration efforts.” - Project Director

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