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MindLink Chat Engine is a messaging platform that is built following the principles of the Persistent Chat paradigm and adds best-in-class features for a communication experience that puts messaging first.

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Mission-Focused UX

MCE natively supports mission scenarios such as realtime coordination, watch-based teamwork, incident management, and is engineered for use from remote or forward-deployed positions.

Classification & Control

MCE data classification is the unique adaptation of military-grade labelling and access control techniques to chat rooms and messages using sophisticated national classification systems such as CAPCO as GSCP.

Communities of Interest

The MCE security architecture is rooted in the novel “Communities of Interest” paradigm advocated by the Intelligence Community based on ‘the Need to Know’ and Coalition Working.

Enterprise End-to-End Encryption

MCE’s end-to-end encryption is an innovative approach to zero-trust architecture using specialized information security paradigms adopted by the Intelligence Community.

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MindLink API
MindLink Chatbots
Bespoke Integrations

Use our RESTful API to eliminate time-consuming manual processes by interfacing business applications with chat. Our API supports integrations with MindLink Chat Engine as well as Skype for Business.

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Chatbots, a popular integration with MindLink Chat Engine. We have several ready-made chatbots available or can help you build the one you need.

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We can also help with any custom integration requirements, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll be in touch.

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MindLink is designed for highly classified communication for government agencies and partner nations

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MindLink are specialists in realtime collaboration systems for highly-secure, mission-critical operations.

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