New Release Version - What's new in v18.5?

The upcoming release version, version 18.5 of the MindLink product suite will be available early next week. The latest release version includes bug fixes and improvements for previous versions as well as new features to both MindLink Desktop and MindLink Mobile. Please see the overview below for the newly added features.

MindLink Desktop (Web)

Always-visible send button: MindLink Desktop now always shows the send button so the user experience is more consistent across all browsers/devices. Part of our initiative to make the message composition experience more customisable.

Server-side fetching of profile pictures: Profile pictures are now downloaded and cached by the MindLink Desktop server component, this makes showing thumbnails more efficient and reliable. The network configuration to support photo URLs is simplified as now all downloads happen via the same route.


Showing the users messages in a different colour: Similar to MindLink Mobile, messages sent by the user will appear with a different colour than messages received from other contacts to better distinguish between the user’s and contacts’ messages. This applies to both the conversation view as well as the LiveStream.

MindLink Mobile

Executive User Experience: Further user experience improvements to provide a modern, executive look and feel. Styling changes have been applied to make better use of the screen real estate and create a more corporate image.

What's next?

With the release of version 18.5 work is already in progress for the next release version; 18.6.

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