Launching: MindLink Chatbots

MindLink is pleased to announce the launch of MindLink Chatbots! Build your own, use a ready-made bot or have MindLink develop your custom enterprise chatbot. As part of the launch we are offering a free trial for our API to get you started writing your own Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business chatbots!

What are MindLink Chatbots?

MindLink Chatbots consists of a variety of offerings all based around enterprise chatbots for Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business.

  • Build and connect your own enterprise chatbots using our API.
  • Use one or more of our ready-made enterprise chatbots to connect to your chat platform.
  • Custom chatbot development services for any bespoke enterprise chatbots your organisation requires.

What kind of chatbots can I build/connect to Skype for Business?

The range of enterprise chatbots available continues to grow and we’ve managed to gather some interesting examples of chatbots built by our customers using the MindLink API:

  • JIRA/CRM Bot: Post newly raised tickets from JIRA or account information from CRM to a chatroom with links to each ticket.
  • Poll Bot: Voting in chatrooms. Gauge availability for meetings or other events – or perhaps where to go for lunch with the team.
  • Price Bot: Enter a stock symbol and receive a price quote.
  • And many more...

Why use the MindLink API?

Using the API has a range of benefits for the enterprise especially when planning to use a highly-scaled inventory of chatbots. Benefits include:

  • Build & connect chatbots to Skype for Business using minimal code
  • Supports any programming language
  • Centralised management capabilities, designed specifically for scaling chatbot inventories
  • Save time and cost

Ready-made chatbots

We offer the following chatbots out-of-the-box and are easily deployed against your Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business environments:

  • Executive Bot: Coordinate meetings with a question/answer workflow.
  • Email Bot: Send and receive emails within chatrooms.
  • Social Bot: Aggregate trending topics and social media content in chatrooms.

Custom chatbot development

Besides the above, MindLink has a team of skilled Unified Communications experts ready to build custom chatbots for any organisational requirement or specification. If the chatbot you need doesn't exist (yet), we can change that!

Sign-up for a free trial

As part of this launch we will be offering a free trial of the MindLink API, we will also be able to provide you with open source samples and tutorials to get you started.