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Pave the way for enhanced organisational productivity with
MindLink chatbots designed for Skype for Business.
Choose between building your own, custom chatbot development,
or ready-made chatbots.

NEW! MindLink API 

Spare the hassle of coding chatbots directly against UCMA/UCWA, by using our MindLink API. 

  • Build & connect chatbots using minimal code
  • Supports any programming language
  • Centralised management capabilities, designed specifically for scaling chatbot inventories
  • Save time and cost

For a complete overview please see the datasheet.

MindLink API - Build your own Skype for Business Chatbots
Ready-made MindLink Chatbots

MindLink also offers chatbots that come out-of-the-box, that are easily deployed and managed:

  • Executive Bot: Coordinate meetings with a Q&A workflow
  • Email Bot: Send and receive emails within chatrooms
  • Social Bot: Aggregate trending topics and social media content into your chatrooms
Custom Chatbot Development

Looking for enterprise chatbots but without the coding? MindLink also offers custom chatbot development, get in touch using the form!


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