New Release Version: v24.3

Exciting news: we have just released version 24.3! This version adds full support for user aliases in MCE groups, which allows users to choose alternative display names on a per-room basis. This replaces a previous standalone implementation and paving the way for extension into federated rooms so that users can set aliases in rooms where they will collaborate with users from other organisations.

New Features in 24.3

MCE Aliases

Users can set aliases in MCE groups to identify themselves to other users in a way that differs from their username. This allows individual users to identify themselves in a particular role, for example as watch officer for a shift, then to pass on that role to another user when the shift changes. Aliases are unique on a per-room basis and can be set and cleared quickly from the conversation pane.

Implementing aliases as a fully supported MCE feature paves the way for extending this feature into federated rooms (rooms shared with another organisation’s MindLink deployment) so that users can also assume aliases in federated rooms.

Release 24.3 aims to achieve feature parity with legacy aliases.

MCE Alias Migration

Where the legacy alias implementation is enabled, a one-off migration can be performed so that any users who currently have aliases set in rooms can continue to use them without interruption. Please note that this migration utility is only intended for the initial mapping of existing aliases into the new implementation, and cannot be used to set new aliases for users. THe migration is carried out by Administrators using PowerShell commandlets.

For the full release notes please see our documentation pages.