New Release Version: v24.2

Release version 24.2 is available now! This release includes the ability to set user-friendly display names for attributes to make these easier to read in the system, and an improvement to the behaviour of rooms configured with dissemination controls such that visibility of rooms behaves in the same way as rooms which do not have dissemination controls - if you are not able to join the room because you do not have the relevant attributes then you do not see the room in search results.

New Features in 24.2

Attribute Display Names

Some attribute values are not very user friendly or particularly human readable. This feature allows admins to specify display names for attributes, which will help users to understand and recognise attributes easily in the interface, for example in conversation pane or in the group management menu.

Attributes are will also user these display names when they are shown int he members/managers list in group management, and also in the group management menu section which handles dissemination attributes. See the MCE Attribute Display Names page for details.

Dissemination Controls

When a group has been created with Dissemination Controls, it now follows the visibility rules that also apply to all groups. If a user does not meet the attribute criteria for gaining access to the room, the room will not be visible in search results. Rooms created with Dissemination controls prior to release 24.2 will continue to work and will follow the visibility rules.

For the full release notes please see our documentation pages.