What’s New in Version 18.1 & 18.2

There is a lot to get excited about with MindLink’s latest releases, versions 18.1 and 18.2. It’s been a while since we posted an update so we have a lot to tell you. To get right into it there’s an overview of all the changes, per product, just below.

New Features

In the latest release much of the focus has been on expanding the ad-hoc IM conferencing capability. Users are now able to create names for their ad-hoc IM conferences and add participants on the fly. Ad-hoc IM conferencing now supports Skype for Business Online. Finally, the conversation history for ad-hoc IM conferences can now be saved and sent to your Conversation History folder in Exchange.

MindLink Mobile & MindLink Desktop

  • Ad-hoc IM conference escalation: Turn a private conversation into an ad-hoc IM conference.
  • User defined ad-hoc IM conference conversation names: Specify a custom name for your ad-hoc IM conferences.
  • Saving conversation history for ad-hoc IM conference: Conversation history for ad-hoc IM conferences can now be sent and archived to your Conversation History folder in Exchange.
  • Composing state for ad-hoc IM conferences: Similar to private and group conversations, an indicator will appear to show any users typing in the conversation for ad-hoc IM conferences.
  • Profile pictures from external URLs: Profile pictures set in the Skype for Business client using an external URL are now shown in the user info view and private conversation header.

MindLink Mobile (only)

  • Creating Ad-hoc IM conference conversations: Bringing MindLink Mobile to parity with MindLink Desktop, mobile users can now create ad-hoc IM conferences.
  • Adding additional participants to an ad-hoc IM conference in mobile: Like MindLink Desktop, users can now add additional users in mobile as well.
  • Invocation of phone numbers from mobile apps: Phone numbers on contact cards can be tapped to open a native or managed dialler to call the number. This setting can be managed by the administrator.
  • New App Icons: Ahead of our Executive UX release the icons have received a style update.
  • Neutralised Mobile UX: In preparation for the Executive UX in 18.3 our mobile app has more neutral appearance.

MindLink Desktop (only)

  • Tooltips in the web-client: Mouse-over tooltips have been added to assist users.
  • Improved day-break headers: Day-break headers position and resize correctly when the window is resized.

Skype for Business Online (only)

  • Support for Ad-hoc IM conference for Skype for Business Online: Expanded ad-hoc IM conferencing support to include Skype for Business Online amongst Lync 2010, Lync 2013 and Skype for Business On-Premise.

Release Notes

For more detail on our recent release please view our release notes:

What to expect in 18.3

And there’s more to come in 18.3, here’s sneak preview of what to look forward to:

  • Executive UX
  • Private File Transfer
  • Conversation history against Skype for Business Online