Re-Introducing Persistent Chat with the MindLink Chat Engine

Following a blog post we published last year: “The Future of Persistent Chat in 2019 and beyond (read here), we have dedicated our time to develop our own engine for Persistent Chat known as the MindLink Chat Engine (MCE for short).

To re-iterate from this previous post. It was announced that Skype for Business 2019 extended support would remain available until at least 2023 but Skype for Business 2019 would see the deprecation of the Persistent Chat server role.

The release of Microsoft Teams has earned growing interest across the market and seems to be the logical transition for most organisations however, it isn’t suitable for all. For many organisations that have been accustomed to Microsoft’s now legacy solutions such as Lync 2010, Lync 2013 and, within the next few years, Skype for Business as well; Microsoft Teams presents a very different user experience particularly for Persistent Chat.

Following the core principles of Persistent Chat (as it was in the not too distant past) and building on top of them, we have created the MindLink Chat Engine to address the deprecation of the Persistent Chat capability, in a traditional sense.

The MindLink Chat Engine serves Persistent Chat (group chat modality) both within a Skype for Business deployment and stand-alone. Connecting the MindLink Chat Engine to an existing Skype for Business deployment or other 3rd party collaboration tools, allows for Persistent Chat, Instant Messaging, Presence and Audio modalities within a single client.

Building on top of the Persistent Chat paradigm, the MindLink Chat Engine offers a range of additional features that improve security, compliance, administration and programmatic access for Persistent Chat. You can read about some of our new Persistent Chat features in more detail by checking our earlier blog posts here:

If you want to know more about how the MindLink Chat Engine can meet your Persistent Chat requirements, please see the overview available on the MindLink Chat Engine page or contact us directly.