What is Persistent Chat?

Persistent Chat is a communication paradigm for real-time, high volume messaging across different teams and organisations, built on the following core values.

High Volume, Real-time Messaging

Supporting real-time coordination and collaboration and enabling users to absorb and dissect high volumes of important information.

Secure, Partitioned and Compliant Messaging

Ensuring messaging compliance, managed user access and data privacy between users, teams and other organisations.

Open, Standardised Approach towards Federation

Multi-tenant chat with external guest user access using an externalised identity and authentication model.

Transient and Ad-Hoc Participation User Experience

Leave and join conversations from multiple active endpoints with notifications for members leaving and joining chat rooms.

Persisting and Searchable Chat History

Maintaining a performant index over chat room data for instant searchability and visibility for chat room members.

Lightweight, Flexible Design and Implementation

Designed and built to integrate with existing infrastructure and partner collaboration platforms.

Reshaping the Persistent Chat Experience

Introducing the MindLink Chat Engine, a best-in-class Persistent Chat platform for mission-critical messaging.

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Expanding the Persistent Chat Paradigm

MindLink Chat Engine is a messaging platform that is built following the principles of the Persistent Chat paradigm and adds best-in-class features for a communication experience that puts messaging first.

  • Named Persistent Chat rooms
  • Chat history saved permanently
  • Messaging, links, file uploads, emoticons, stories, rich message parts
  • High volume, real-time messaging
  • Threadless flat conversations
  • Searchable chat history
  • Support for large rooms 300+ members
  • Transient group participation per endpoint
  • Active joined members list based on MPOP
  • Group aliases à la IRC nicknames
  • Add-in HTML panels

Enhanced Security Features

Beyond ensuring data privacy and compliance with a range of industry standards, MindLink Chat Engine's security features protect the chat system against insider threats, spillage and tampering. Security features include:

  • Chat room access control lists and visibility rules
  • Role-based access model e.g. presenter, manager, member, administrator
  • Users authenticated to external identity provider e.g. ADDS, AAD
  • Ethical wall layer around chat room membership lists and roles
  • Dynamic attribute-based access rules
  • Pluggable attribute sources to third-party attribute services
  • TLS over all hops
  • Backend encryption via SQL Always Encrypted

Data Classification

Define classification labels for chat rooms and messages using complex classification schemas. MindLink Chat Engine dynamically cross-checks and enforces and access rights to classified data.

  • Deep integration with the MindLink Classification Platform for classification of all chat data
  • Classification labelling of chat room messages and chat room data for human and machine-readable consumption
  • Attribute-based security clearance enforcement against classification of rooms and ethical wall compartments
  • Cross referencing classification of messages against classification of chat room
  • Customizable marking schemas including complex nested schemas

Compliance and Monitoring

Export message data for audit and archiving via the data export API, or use MindLink Compliance to journal conversations to third-party compliance vaults.

Deep event and audit logging sources can be consumed by any third-party logging platform for realtime insight into system health and user activity.

  • Auditing logs of all chat room actions
  • Rich semantic eventing pipeline
  • Data-export API for chat data
  • Compliance journaling pipeline via MindLink Compliance

Find out more by following the link below:

MindLink Compliance


Administration Controls

The MindLink Chat Engine features first-class administration controls which includes:

  • Granular chat room roles per modality
    Assign roles and create custom rule sets to define which users are permitted or denied from communicating in a role-based context for chat rooms, multiparty and 1-to-1 conversations.
  • Distinct roles for chat room administrators vs managers
    Leveraging separate roles for administrators and managers helps  protect against information spillage through the permissions assigned to each role.
  • Attribute and classification-based security controls
    Control chatroom membership and role partitioning based on directory or attribute-based groups. The level of access granted to users is managed by directory-based mechanisms.
  • Web service for administration operations
    Administrators can access configuration settings using a web service to provide an accessible and convenient administration experience.
  • PowerShell cmdlets for administration operations
    MindLink Chat Engine supports commands through PowerShell to simplify routine tasks or complete complex operations using scripts.
  • Website interface for basic chat room admin operations
    For simple administrative tasks such as changing a chat room name or enabling/disabling specific features administrators can configure chatroom settings using the website interface.



Programmatic Access

Automate and customise administration operations using powerful scriptable APIs. Leverage the MindLink API to script chat room bots for AI and business processes. Key features for programmatic access include:

  • Bot API via MindLink API
  • Bot provisioning, throttling and control via MindLink API
  • Web service for admin operations
  • Powershell admin interface
  • Custom HTML add-ins with Javascript API

Find out more by following the link below:

MindLink Integrations


Backend Architecture

By strictly functioning as a messaging solution the MindLink Chat engine is lightweight both in terms of design and implementation. This allows for a low maintenance and flexible deployment model, integrating with existing infrastructure and collaboration platforms.

  • Modern, cloud-ready clustered node architecture
  • Fault-tolerant and self-healing clustering backbone
  • High-availability via scale-out of cluster nodes
  • Near-linear scaleout via cluster nodes
  • At-least performance equivalence with Skype PChat in near term
  • .NET service worker nodes, deployable on-premise virtual machine, IaaS cloud VM, or PaaS containerized cloud instances
MLA Browsers

Best-in-Breed Web UX for Persistent Chat

MindLink Anywhere is a secure Persistent Chat web client that enables productivity in the digital workplace, packed with powerful features and modern user experience.

  • Supports the latest versions of: FireFox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari (Mac and iPad)
  • User access to HTML Add-ins
  • Whitespace controls for improved high volume chat
  • LiveStream to view message activity across multiple conversations simultaneously

Find out more by following the link below:

MindLink Anywhere


Managed Mobile Access to Persistent Chat

MindLink Mobile allows access to Persistent Chat on mobile devices, view your chatrooms on-the-go, directly from any Android or iOS devices. MindLink Mobile is available as a managed application for AirWatch, MobileIron and Android for Work.

  • Supports camera and image uploads
  • Mobile-only preferences for contacts and chat rooms
  • Push Notifications configurable per chat room
  • HTML add-in support on mobile tablets

Find out more by following the link below:

MindLink Mobile

Enabling Mission-Critical Use Cases

The MindLink Chat Engine adds value to mission-critical use cases that demand a Persistent Chat user experience, which is not offered in the range of today's available collaboration suites.

High Volume, Real-time Chat

Roles in which users need to absorb large quantities of information about events as they occur, require a platform capable of delivering a user experience tailored to high volume, real-time chat.

Shift-based Teamwork

Through a transient and ad-hoc participation user experience, shift workers connect and disconnect to the necessary chatrooms as required. Users stay up to date by viewing the Persistent Chat history and members list to see who is online within a chatroom during a shift.

Incident Management

As high volumes of important information are relayed between users and chatrooms in real-time, maintaining visibility on message activity is critical for situational awareness and informed decision-making.

Inter-organisational Collaboration

Following the Persistent Chat paradigm to provide federated access in a secure and compliant manner, the MindLink Chat Engine uses attribute-based access controls and built-in ethical walling enables interorganisational guest access while ensuring data privacy.

What Our Clients Say

“The security requirements for the intelligence community are among the highest in any industry and is essential to protect their mission. With MindLink we're able to meet commercial quality user experiences and maintain mission essential privacy and security from across the globe. MindLink’s technical expertise, agile development process and responsive support posture have been essential ingredients to a successful partnership.”

Key Technologies LLC, USA

“We needed a collaboration platform that was accessible
in the office & on the go, offered superior integration with our existing systems and met stringent compliance requirements – MindLink came highly recommended”

Numis Securities, UK

"We're very pleased with MindLink API, which helped us implement our chatbot on Skype for Business in a few days, and allowed us to focus on the business outcomes of our bot instead of the plumbing. The team was very responsive to help us understand the API set up & to answer questions on our specific needs."

TeamDrill, France

MindLink Chat Engine Key Benefits

Mission-Critical Messaging

The MindLink Chat Engine emphasises mission-critical, transactional messaging as opposed to the increasingly social messaging capabilities offered by many of the collaboration suites available today.

Persistent Chat User Experience

Following the Persistent Chat paradigm, MindLink Chat Engine is built to provide a first-class user experience to enable critical use cases that rely heavily on messaging communications.

Secure, Partitioned, Compliant

The security and classification features provided by MindLink Chat Engine meet strict requirements from regulated industries and organisations dealing with sensitive data.

Deep Integration Possibilities

Expanding the Persistent Chat experience with powerful integrations feeding important data into chat rooms help users get all their information in one place, to get even more out of messaging.

Flexible Deployment

Our deployment options support a range of IT strategies, whether you're cloud-based or on-premise, the MindLink Chat Engine is flexible to meet any deployment requirements.

Hybrid Collaboration

The MindLink Chat Engine can serve the Persistent Chat user experience your users need whilst connecting to existing platforms, such as Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams for Instant Messaging and Presence.


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