MindLink Mobile is designed to support users on-the-go or in the field for real-time coordination and collaboration with their office counterparts.

Secure, Partitioned
& Compliant

Through a range of MDM containerisation options and security features, MindLink Mobile ensures data privacy and compliance with industry standards.


MindLink Mobile is designed with a low network and resource overhead to allow for maximum performance and adaptability for custom requirements.

Agile, Responsive Inter-organisational Collaboration

Federated access and transient participation allow internal and external users to collaborate and coordinate in real-time while on-the-go.

On-the-go Access to Persistent Chat

MindLink Mobile allows access to Persistent Chat on mobile devices, view your chatrooms on-the-go, directly from any Android or iOS devices. MindLink Mobile provides mobile users with access to the same information as their on-site peers allowing them to stay productive and contribute whether in or outside the office.

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Mobile PChat

Secure, Stateless Mobile Client with MAM Support

MindLink Mobile offers additional data protection over Skype for Business Mobile as no data is stored locally on the device between sessions with additional data loss prevention controls configurable on the MindLink Mobile server. Available as a vanilla client or, for elevated control; wrapped in an EMM solution of choice. MindLink Mobile is available as a managed application for AirWatch, MobileIron and Android for Work.

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What Our Clients Say

Working closely with customers across a variety of industries has allowed us to create best-in-breed solutions and provide exceptional services that extend beyond organisational requirements.

"To put it simply, MindLink are helping our business to become more agile. Feedback on the platform is extremely positive across the teams and the company has noticed big improvements in collaborative information sharing, and workflow processes already, particularly the integration of MindLink and CRM, and the provision of mobile access. The flexibility that the mobile access gives the company – coupled with tight integration with its other tools - means employees and teams are now able to function much faster and more intelligently. This gives us a great competitive edge – and positively impacts the bottom line."

Numis Securities, UK

MindLink Mobile Key Features


A live feed of your latest instant messages and group conversations in a single view to help users stay on point, in real-time.

Mobile Persistent Chat

Group chatrooms with conversation history that's visible to all group members, whether they have just joined or have been there from the beginning.

Contact Cards

Find out more about your contacts by viewing their contact card. Giving you the ability to put a face to name or figure out the extension you need to dial.

Instant & Multiparty Messaging

Send messages 1-to-1 between your contacts or start adhoc messaging conferences. Support for rich text formatting, sending alerts and more...

#tags & @Mentions

Target your messages for improved visibility using Hashtags and Mentions. Then filter the conversation according using the hashtag menu in each chatroom.

Mobile File Transfer

Peer to peer and chatroom file transfers to communicate and collaborate on-the-go.


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