How Enterprise Messaging Apps Impact Business Hierarchy

By Annekathrin Hase on Nov 24, 2016 10:58:35 AM

Millennials’ use of technology and affinity with the digital world clearly sets them apart from the generations before them. They’ve grown up in a world crowded by broadband, smartphones, laptops and social media and they expect instant access to any information they require.

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Corporate Cost Cutting: How Messaging Platforms help rationalise operations

By Annekathrin Hase on Oct 18, 2016 8:26:31 AM

The pressure on businesses to squeeze every possible pound/dollar/euro from their organisations has forced many to rethink how to rationalise operations and work smarter. The reasons are manifold: threats of recession, increased competitive pressures in a highly globalised world, increasingly outdated legacy systems and working practises to name but a few. Uncertainty brought on by the much discussed Brexit vote hasn’t instilled any calm or confidence either. 

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MindLink Guide to Chatiquette

By Annekathrin Hase on Sep 22, 2016 7:58:17 AM

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No one owns Chat within financial services despite soaring user adoption

By Annekathrin Hase on Sep 15, 2016 7:55:38 AM

London, UK – 15 September 2016: MindLink, provider of secure Chat Enabled Collaboration (CEC) tools for global businesses, has today announced the results of an independent study it commissioned regarding the use of chat & collaboration technology within the financial services sector.

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9 steps to ensure adoption of your messaging tool

By Annekathrin Hase on Sep 6, 2016 10:57:45 AM

(Managing resistance to tech adoption). So you’ve decided to adopt a new messaging tool for your business. That’s a great start. According to McKinsey, collaboration apps can raise your employees’ productivity by an average of 20%-25%. However, Gartner has estimated that four out of every five digital business efforts may not achieve their full intended benefits, due to “inadequate leadership and an overemphasis on technology”.

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Yahoo retires Messaging platform – What’s the compliant alternative?

By Annekathrin Hase on Aug 16, 2016 8:13:56 AM

Yahoo Messenger has now officially discontinued support for its legacy messaging and API service on August 5, 2016. (TechTimes) Whilst the download of the app was already restricted, users can now no longer access or log in – a major issue for many global businesses.

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MindLink in Aragon’s Technology Arc - Mobile Collaboration-Instant Messaging

By Catalina Butnariu on Jun 27, 2016 12:05:52 PM

MindLink, developer of secure Chat Enabled Collaboration (CEC) tools for business, is in the shortlist of vendors on 2 categories in this year’s Technology ARCTM for Mobile and IoT report, published by analyst house Aragon Research.  

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Chat App Outages Hit the News - Now What?

By Annekathrin Hase on Jun 15, 2016 12:32:07 PM

Right - so everyone is telling you that Email is outdated and messaging is the real-time way forward.
That is, of course, until your chat service goes down and you are forced to revert back to carrier pigeons and memos. The look of ‘good old Email’ doesn’t seem quite so bad after all, does it?
But wait a minute!

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MindLink's Secure Enterprise Messaging Integrates with Skype for Business

By Greeshma Suresh on Nov 5, 2015 9:36:10 AM

MindLink, a highly secure messaging and enterprise collaboration platform, has today announced its integration with Microsoft's Skype for Business platform. This will enable users of Skype for Business, to access Messaging & Chat channels (also called Persistent Chat) across their Mobile devices (including MDM support) as well as Mac & Linux. The newest announcement complements MindLink's already existing integration with the Microsoft Lync UC platform.

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Tech Spectrum™ for Mobile Collaboration Report: MindLink a Contender to watch out for

By Annekathrin Hase on Sep 25, 2015 1:30:00 PM

Mobile Collaboration is a hot topic on every CIO agenda today. How do you go about enabling secure messaging for your increasingly mobile workforce? Analyst house Aragon Research has published its annual Tech Spectrum™ report for Mobile Collaboration evaluating 13 top vendors in the space.

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