MindLink x PQShield: Enabling Quantum-Safe Intelligence Sharing

Sharing classified information requires appropriate protection from purposeful exfiltration by threat actors, this protection is almost always ensured by encryption. The same technology that provides secure access to websites is used to protect classified information in transit and at-rest. It is no secret that existing encryption technology is at threat from the advent of Quantum Computing, and while the journey towards a Quantum Computer powerful enough to render existing encryption algorithms insecure is still years if not decades away, encrypted classified content that could potentially have a lifespan of decades is at risk today.

Fortunately, cryptographers, vendors, and government agencies have been hard at work developing Post Quantum solutions that are not at risk from Quantum Computing. The latest Post Quantum algorithms published by NIST provide the first accepted defence in a post-quantum world, but to be effective they have to be in use!

As specialists in real-time collaboration systems designed for the highest levels of classified communication we need to maintain a forward looking posture to safeguard against future threats. We are excited to announce that MindLink has partnered with PQShield, a leader in Post Quantum cryptography, to deliver a prototype solution for real time classified information sharing protected by data centric post quantum end-to-end encryption.

Our solution leverages the powerful PQShield PQCryptoLib to create a data-centric post quantum encryption-as-a-service platform that is coupled with MindLink's solution for information sharing of classified information that together provide a Zero-Trust end-to-end encryption solution that is secured for the future post quantum world.

To find out more about our partnership with PQShield, watch this space or get in touch with us directly.