Knowledge transfer: bridging the gap between Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers

Knowledge is considered one of the most respected qualities within a company, the prerequisite for a striving organisation but it is consumed and communicated very differently by the three generations in the workforce.

Millennials are the largest generation to date, surpassing Generation X and Baby Boomers. By the year 2020, PWC uphold that 50% of the workforce will be a millennial. 

Although Boomers are retiring much later, they have a wealth of knowledge and skills to transfer down to their successors. However, this transfer of knowledge between older to younger generations can be an extremely laborious and time-consuming process.

Because of the efficiency of technology, millennials are a generation that is used to instant gratification and may be reluctant to accept a workforce with poor communication. The trouble with this notion is that Baby Boomers have a plethora of knowledge to transfer down but all too often feel intimidated by technology as a form of communication and as a mechanism of knowledge transfer. Digital communication is not their mother tongue and they could find it challenging to transfer knowledge down to their successors.

Chat platforms for business, like MindLink and Skype for Business, provide a utilitarian platform for this crucial, inevitable knowledge transfer, team knowledge sharing is becoming increasingly prevalaent to your organisation. The benefits of chat platforms for knowledge transfer are limitless; senior teams can delegate information and deliver handovers in an effective and time efficient manner. Moreover, remote workers benefit a great deal from UC platforms as they are always switched on and engaged in business, content in both private and group conversations actually persists so knowledge isn’t lost.

For the more technologically evasive Boomers, our communications channel provides a seamless, intuitive experience facilitating knowledge transfer and knowledge management. The MindLink suite simplifies content and knowledge management as teams can slice and dice data with the use of specialised content filters such as hashtags and mentions, essentially fostering productivity and inevitably boosting morale and improving team collaboration.