Introducing release version 17.9

MindLink’s latest release version, v17.9 is available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store!

Release version 17.9 comes with variety of improvements with a focus on delivering our latest feature: Ad-hoc IM Conferencing.

Ad-hoc IM conferencing, sometimes referred to as multiparty, allows users to spin up IM conversations with multiple contacts at the same time. Participants can be added/removed on the fly and users can have more than one IM conference open at any time. For more information on Ad-hoc IM conferencing please see our dedicated blog. This feature has been fully released for the MindLink Desktop client, currently MindLink Mobile users are able to receive invitations to an Ad-hoc IM conference. Future releases will allow mobile users to initiate Ad-hoc IM conferences.

In addition to Ad-hoc IM conferencing, version 17.9 also introduces a typing indicator in the dock for MindLink Desktop, users are now able to see if a contact is typing without the need to actively view the conversation. To further user adoption and ease users into the various features and functionality of MindLink Desktop a home page tutorial has been added, which is immediately visible on logon. The homepage details how users can leverage certain features, where to find specific settings and general legend for users to find their way around MindLink Desktop.

Those leveraging Skype for Business Online as their back-end will find that contacts in a user’s contacts list that have been inactive for some time will now be shown as inactive in both MindLink Desktop and MindLink Mobile clients.

In summary…

MindLink Desktop:

  • Introducing Ad-hoc IM conferencing (multiparty IM) – Start a temporary IM conversation with multiple contacts with the ability to add/remove contacts on the fly.
  • New homepage detailing various features and functionality to aid new users.
  • New typing indicator in the dock: Users can see which contacts are currently typing from the dock without viewing individual conversations.

MindLink Mobile:

  • Users can now accept invitations to Ad-hoc IM conferences, future releases will continue to enhance the Ad-hoc IM conferencing feature for MindLink Mobile.

Skype for Business Online:

  • Users are now shown as inactive when they are away for a period of time.

The next release version will be 18.1, please continue to watch this space for updates on our upcoming product releases!