Switching from AOL to ICE chat? Worried about compliance?

Established in 1997, AOL instant messaging was initially used as a consumer chat platform and gained a fast following from all corners of the world, one of the first chat platforms in the early stages of the internet generation. Besides consumers, AOL IM (AIM) has also grown in popularity among business users, notably traders across a variety of markets.

December 15th is the day that AOL will officially sign off and power-down permanently.But the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue still remains: where will its 20-year-loyal users migrate to? As it stands, ICE has made a direct appeal to AIM users to swap to their chat service whilst keeping their current AIM screen name. The importing process has to be completed by December 1st 2017.

ICE does have a robust offering in terms of security, encryption, reliability and usability. However, a compliance solution is not part of the basic offering. For enterprise customers, as per industry regulations, there is a legal requirement to process and store conversations for compliance purposes. This is easily achieved using MindLink’s Compliance Tool. MindLink Compliance uses conversation data extracted directly from ICE and processes the output into a human-readable format, ready to export to any non-repudiation store.

What’s more, if your organisation also deploys Lync, Skype for Business, or Yammer our compliance tool can take care of that too, so there is no need to install different tools for different systems!

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