New Release Version Available: Version 19.8

We're excited to announce another new release of the MindLink product suite. With this release, v19.8, we have introduced several new features along with the bug fixes and improvements. Below is an overview of the newly added features.

The full release notes can be found on the documentation site.


New Features in Version 19.8

Below is an overview of the latest feature introductions with version 19.8

Message Classification in 1-to-1 conversations

Message classification is the process of attaching classification markings to messages that are sent within the chat system. The markings presented with each message inform users about the sensitivity of information contained within a message, how it should be treated and who they may or may not share that information with.

Classification is powered by the classification engine which provisions users with classification markings by cross-referencing user attributes with markings defined in a schema. Users can then select from the available markings using the classification builder interface to assign classification markings to a message in MindLink Anywhere.

You can read the full blog about message classification here.

Mentions in IM and Multiparty conversations

User @mentions functionality has been added to both 1-2-1 IM conversations and Multiparty chat. When a user in the conversation is mentioned the message will populate their @My mentions filter.

Include recent senders and contacts in mentions search

Past behaviour required the member of a room to be online in order to show up in @mention search results.

To allow creation of a user @mention for a user who may not be available at the time, the search will now include members who have recently gone offline or recently sent messages into the room/conversation. Powerful for communication across time zones.

Version 19.8 Downloads

This concludes the list of new features introduced in version 19.8, for the latest server installers please click on the product names below:

MindLink Anywhere

Empowering users in the digital workplace with an intuitive, feature-enhanced Persistent Chat web client that’s accessible anywhere.

MindLink Mobile

Secure Persistent Chat mobile client with modern messaging features and MAM support Available on iOS and Android phones & tablets.

MindLink API

Converging business processes with communication workflows. Connect external systems to Persistent Chat and post system data to chatrooms and users.