Reduced Human Latency and Manual Processes

Communication between business applications and users through chat can help eliminate time-consuming manual processes.


By acting as an interfacing layer between business applications and messaging, the system is decoupled offering increased stability.

Stateless API

The MindLink API is a RESTful and stateless API designed with a low network and resource overhead to allow for maximum performance and reliability.

Flexible and

The MindLink API can support thousands of bots using a single instance and is suitable for on-premise deployment as well as private or public clouds.

Persistent Chat Integrations

Connect business systems with Skype for Business Persistent Chat and messaging. Through our RESTful API and our off-the-shelf integrations, organisations can connect virtually any system to their existing Skype for Business environments.

MindLink offers the following Persistent Chat integration possibilities:

  • Any internal system via the MindLink API
  • Email connector
  • Social Media/RSS feed connector

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MindLink API

Code your own custom Persistent Chat and Messaging integrations using the MindLink API.

Rather than writing integrations directly against Skype for Business, Lync or other Unified Communications systems, our RESTful MindLink API allows developers to write code in any programming language and adds additional provisioning and throttling capabilities.

This reduces the complexity and lead time to launch integrations and protects the underlying system from rogue applications by controlling the message flow in and out of the system.

Start your evaluation today, download the installer below and drop us a line for a free evaluation license.


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View our API samples on GitHub

Persistent Chat Email Connector

Email Connector

By leveraging our Skype for Business email connector, persistent chat users can read emails from within chatrooms when emails are sent to a configured distribution list. Vice versa, by using a series of special characters, persistent chat users are also able to send emails from within a chatroom.

Receiving and viewing important information from emails directly from within a chatroom eliminates the need for users to manually search through their inboxes and provides better team visibility for email communications.

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Persistent Chat Social Connector

Social/RSS Feed Connector

Feed social media posts from sources such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as RSS feeds, directly into your persistent chatrooms using our Skype for Business social connector and our Skype for Business RSS connector.

Social media posts can be filtered according to topics, hashtags and the people creating the posts. For example, the social connector could feed posts about financial news into a chatroom specific for traders to discuss the latest trends.

You could also monitor responses or posts containing the hashtag of your latest marketing campaign directly from within a chatroom.

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Integrate Persistent Chat with SharePoint

SharePoint WebPart

Communicate and collaborate in one place. Using the MindLink WebPart for SharePoint, users can embed access to Skype for Business as well as Lync and other Microsoft Unified Communications systems, within their SharePoint team sites.

What’s more is that the webpart can be configured to limit access to a specific chatroom – ideal for team-based discussions, or whether users can send messages through the webpart – great for announcement-only purposes.

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What Our Clients Say

Working closely with customers across a variety of industries has allowed us to create best-in-breed solutions and provide exceptional services that extend beyond organisational requirements.

"To put it simply, MindLink are helping our business to become more agile. Feedback on the platform is extremely positive across the teams and the company has noticed big improvements in collaborative information sharing, and workflow processes already, particularly the integration of MindLink and CRM, and the provision of mobile access. The flexibility that the mobile access gives the company – coupled with tight integration with its other tools - means employees and teams are now able to function much faster and more intelligently. This gives us a great competitive edge – and positively impacts the bottom line."

Numis Securities, UK

"We're very pleased with MindLink API, which helped us implement our chatbot on Skype for Business in a few days, and allowed us to focus on the business outcomes of our bot instead of the plumbing. The team was very responsive to help us understand the API set up & to answer questions on our specific needs."

TeamDrill, France

MindLink Integrations Key Benefits

Connect Email with Messaging

Increase visibility and information transparency for your team by sending and receiving emails directly within chatrooms.

Plug your news feeds into your chatrooms

Receive the latest updates from Social or RSS feeds posted to your chatrooms. Filter the feeds to show only the topics relevant to you and your team.

Connect any system to Persistent Chat

Going beyond email and social feeds, the MindLink API can post data from business applications directly to your chatrooms.

Create your own chatbots

Using the MindLink API you can create your own chatbots. With a growing number of use cases for chatbots in any organisation, the possibilities with the MindLink API are endless.

Reduce cost through integration

Get things done faster and cheaper than before by integrating business systems with messaging. Save time and cost by benefiting from untapped efficiency.

Custom Integrations

Looking for a custom-built integration? We can help!

Let us know what type of integrations your organisation requires by getting in touch with us below.


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