New Release Version Available: Version 19.5

We're excited to announce another new release of the MindLink product suite. With this release, v19.5, we have introduced several new features along with the bug fixes and improvements. Below is an overview of the newly added features, the full release are packaged with the server installers.

New Features in Version 19.5

Below is an overview of the latest feature introductions with version 19.5.

Reclamation of custom aliases

Users can assign themselves a group alias in MLA. This alias is unique for each group and persists across sessions. This means that a user can claim an alias forever, and this alias will be unavailable to other users even if the user leaves the company or is otherwise disabled for access.

Keyboard navigation

Improved keyboard navigation in MLA further so that full arrow-key traversal of the dock and message history area is possible. This has been coupled with improved screen-reader support so that quick navigation of the app via keyboard and screen reader is functional and easy.

Improved Look & Feel

Improvements to the MLA UX to bring it up-to-date and consistent across the app. Now with a simplified colour scheme to ensure that the colour palette is accessible.

Custom Disclaimer

Added the ability to set a custom disclaimer upon entering the app. This supports the use case of an external "cloud" chat service.

Custom Header and Footer Banners

Added the ability to inject custom header and footer banners in MLA. The banners will display pages at external URLs, so that the entire contents can be customised. This supports the use case of an external "cloud" chat service.

Customisable URLs

Added the ability to redirect the home page to a custom URL, and to specify a custom "help" URL. This supports the use case of an external "cloud" chat service.

Version 19.5 Downloads

This concludes the list of new features introduced in version 19.4, for the latest server installers please click on the product names below:

MindLink Anywhere

Empowering users in the digital workplace with an intuitive, feature-enhanced Persistent Chat web client that’s accessible anywhere.

MindLink Mobile

Secure Persistent Chat mobile client with modern messaging features and MAM support Available on iOS and Android phones & tablets.

MindLink API

Converging business processes with communication workflows. Connect external systems to Persistent Chat and post system data to chatrooms and users.