Helping colleagues stay safe and healthy by working from home

Following the recent trend of an increasing number of employees working from home to keep a spreading virus at bay, MindLink Software is willing to contribute and lend a helping hand. All of our customers and any interested organisations will receive an unlimited user license for MindLink Anywhere and MindLink Mobile, which is valid for the next 3 months and at no extra cost.

As more organisations require employees that have recently travelled to at risk areas to stay away from the office and prevent contaminating their co-workers, teams are gradually starting to become dispersed. Without the appropriate communication tools in place, colleagues may become disconnected from their remote peers and in-office teams which will inevitably cause business-as-usual to slow down.

Although a myriad of consumer applications will allow colleagues to stay in touch, not plugging into the existing, company-approved, secure communication channels can leave colleagues out of the loop and potentially forms a security risk. It can be difficult to foresee the challenges organisations can face during a global health crisis, but the impact can be mitigated.

To help organisations overcome such challenges, our chat software is designed to enable productivity for dispersed teams and the remote workforce. Our web client and mobile applications connect to existing chat systems and are secure by design. All our software is built to meet strict security requirements defined by a range of customers situated within regulated industries and government agencies. Using MindLink Anywhere and MindLink Mobile, colleagues can communicate and collaborate no matter where they are based, leveraging existing channels for communication in a secure manner.

For anyone that needs a hand in keeping remote, dispersed teams communications secure and in sync, MindLink is here to help. To get your 3-month unlimited user licence, get in touch with us today.