Skype for Business Web Access Client

All your contacts, chatrooms and more all within a single browser window with modern messaging features.

Skype for Business Mobile Client

Secure Skype for Business mobile client with MAM Support. Available on iOS and Android phones & tablets.

Skype for Business Chatbot

Connect external systems to Skype for Business with additional provisioning and throttling controls.

Skype for Business Persistent Chat
for Mobile

Access your group chat on your mobile device with a range of modern mobile messaging features.

MindLink Anywhere with Skype for Business and Persistent Chat

MindLink Anywhere is a lightweight web application built for high volume, real-time messaging that grants access to Skype for Business and Persistent Chat.

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Web Access to Skype for Business IM, Presence and Persistent Chat

Addressing the shortcomings of native web applications, using MindLink Anywhere users can connect with their Skype for Business contacts and group chat directly from their web browser of choice. This removes the need to install and configure traditional desktop clients and allows for a consistent Skype for Business user experience anywhere.

For more information please see our MindLink Anywhere page using the link below.

MindLink Anywhere



MLA Browsers

Skype for Business Containerised Mobile Client

Benefit from one of several containerisation options for our Skype for Business mobile client - MindLink Mobile.

MindLink Mobile can be containerised for the following enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions:

  • AirWatch
  • MobileIron
  • Android for Work

Find out more about MindLink Mobile using the link below.


MindLink Mobile



Chatbot API

Skype for Business
Chatbot API

The MindLink API is essentially a Skype for Business Chatbot API that allows external systems to connect and send messages to and from your existing Skype for Business deployment.

Our RESTful MindLink API acts as an abstraction layer between Skype for Business and the connecting system which allows developers to write code in any programming language which removes the complexity of having to code directly against the messaging platform.

With added throttling and provisioning controls the MindLink API also protects the underlying platform from rogue applications. This is particularly important when leveraging a large inventory of chatbots.

Find out more about integration possibilities please use the link below.


MindLink Integrations


Skype for Business Mobile Client with Persistent Chat

Unlike the native mobile application where Persistent Chat is not available to mobile users. MindLink Mobile provides on-the-go access to Persistent Chat as well as other modalities such as Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence. MindLink Mobile also offers a range of modern messaging features which users have become accustomed to from consumer based messaging apps.

Find out more using the link below.


MindLink Mobile

What Our Clients Say

Working closely with customers across a variety of industries has allowed us to create best-in-breed solutions and provide exceptional services that extend beyond organisational requirements.

“The security requirements for the intelligence community are among the highest in any industry and is essential to protect their mission. With MindLink we're able to meet commercial quality user experiences and maintain mission essential privacy and security from across the globe. MindLink’s technical expertise, agile development process and responsive support posture have been essential ingredients to a successful partnership.”

Key Technologies LLC, USA

"We're very pleased with MindLink API, which helped us implement our chatbot on Skype for Business in a few days, and allowed us to focus on the business outcomes of our bot instead of the plumbing. The team was very responsive to help us understand the API set up & to answer questions on our specific needs."

TeamDrill, France

"To put it simply, MindLink are helping our business to become more agile. Feedback on the platform is extremely positive across the teams and the company has noticed big improvements in collaborative information sharing, and workflow processes already, particularly the integration of MindLink and CRM, and the provision of mobile access. The flexibility that the mobile access gives the company – coupled with tight integration with its other tools - means employees and teams are now able to function much faster and more intelligently. This gives us a great competitive edge – and positively impacts the bottom line."

Numis Securities, UK

Key Benefits for Skype for Business

Persistent Chat for Mobile Devices

Benefit from more than IM & Presence with the ability to access chatrooms on-the-go for Android and iOS devices.

Web Access to Skype for Business

Access to all messaging features in a single browser window. This includes IM, Presence and Persistent Chat.

EMM Containerisation for Skype for Business

Securely containerise Skype for Business on mobile devices choosing from a range of supported EMM providers.

Modern Messaging Features for Mobile & Web clients

Dissect and absorb more information from your messages with features such as #tags, @mentions and the LiveStream.

Simplified Skype for Business Chatbot Integrations

Using the MindLink API, writing chatbots against Skype for Business becomes less complex and easier to manage.

Modernised Skype for Business User Experience

Enterprise messaging with a consistent look & feel across web and mobile clients and is highly intuitive to use.


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