Yokoso! – MindLink Mobile now in Japanese!

By Karishma Wadhwani on Nov 7, 2017 5:02:12 PM

Our development team has been working on User Interface localisation that will eventually support a multitude of languages on MindLink Mobile and Tablet - supporting iOS and Android devices.

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New executive look to be released this month with updated UX

By Karishma Wadhwani on Nov 6, 2017 3:51:09 PM

Since the launch of V1, our product for both MLM and MLD has seen a variety of improvements to the UX. Following feedback from our customers we developed v3 which was released in 2016. New features have been added since the launch and continue to be added with each iteration.

Topics: Chat UX UI
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How Enterprise Messaging Apps Impact Business Hierarchy

By Annekathrin Hase on Nov 24, 2016 10:58:35 AM

Millennials’ use of technology and affinity with the digital world clearly sets them apart from the generations before them. They’ve grown up in a world crowded by broadband, smartphones, laptops and social media and they expect instant access to any information they require.

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MindLink shortlisted as Mobile finalist at the Tech Trailblazers Awards

By Annekathrin Hase on Feb 4, 2016 8:30:19 AM

London, UK – 04 February 2016: MindLink Software (MindLink), developer of highly secure Chat Enabled Collaboration (CEC) tools for businesses has been announced as a finalist in the Mobile category at the Tech Trailblazers Awards.

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How chat enabled collaboration connects remote teams

By George Christou on Jan 7, 2016 8:49:10 AM

Since the 90s email has been the main tool of communication between remote teams within the same company or even between different organizations which happen to reside on different time zones. Taking into consideration the pace of business today and the need for an ever increasing sense of real-time communication when working, is this enough? 

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Emoji: Hate them or Love them- they improve your company

By Varvara Nikolaidou on Nov 12, 2015 9:16:36 AM

The use of emoticons (aka emoji) in our everyday life has increased significantly during the last decade. The growing popularity of social media and the need to share every moment of our lives on the internet has led to the development of a variety of expressive means that can help people show their emotions. Yet, their contribution to the improvement of online communication has been overlooked by many.

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How Enterprise Chat revolutionises Incident Management & Support

By Annekathrin Hase on Apr 30, 2015 10:43:26 AM

In the last two decades, many organisations have found user support and incident management challenging. Whether it’s balancing social media monitoring to understand user feedback, where to place call centres, how to use web chat technologies or how to prioritise internal support, most companies have come under unwelcome scrutiny at some stage.

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The Institutes transforms IT Support Operations with MindLink

By Annekathrin Hase on Feb 26, 2015 10:08:48 AM

MindLink provides central place to access information & system alerts for more effective IT management - keeping C-level & management proactively up-to-date.

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