New Release Version Now Available: v19.3

With the release of v19.3 we have implemented various bug fixes & improvements and introduced several new features:

Configuration of debug app settings via Management Center

Configuration options for debug app settings can now be set using the Management Center interface. Any key/value settings can be added and managed by the Management Center. This means they will be upgraded correctly.

Further accessibility improvements in MLA

Improvements to the accessibility of the client for keyboard users and screen readers. Added more labels to interactable elements, using more meaningful HTML under the hood, and changed all elements to be buttons so that non-mouse interaction is easier. Users are now able to tab-around the app and interact with the UX using the keyboard only.

Showing alert messages as coloured text

Introduced a new client preference so that the entire message text of alert messages will be shown as pink.

Unread message reminder in MLA

Introduced a new client preference so that the app will show a periodic toast notification if there are still unread messages.

Auto-complete for Emojis in MLA

The emoji experience has been improved in MLA by showing the emoji picker as the user types. This means users can search for and insert emojis directly from the keyboard, without having to manually use the picker with the mouse.

Optimised emojis

Introduced several performance fixes to improve how fast emojis are processed by the server, and improve the user experience in the client when using the picker. Messages are cached in memory on the server and re-use them across sessions. This improves server memory performance as a whole.

Option to control whether emoticons are shown as emojis

Traditionally ascii-text combinations have been used to denote "smilies" e.g. :). Skype for Business converts these to pictoral equivalents, and we have done the same to maintain compatibility. For clarity, we call the above "emoticons", vs "emojis" which are the more modern and complete smiley set. The problem arises when the ascii-text in a message should actually be shown as text e.g. when sending "Label:(Update) This is an alert". In the above case, we would turn the :( sequence into a pictoral emoji. A user setting has been added to disable this feature, and show all ascii-text in the raw format it was sent in.

Removal of Lync 2010 support

MindLink will no longer support Lync 2010 chat systems. MindLink will continue to maintain compatibility with the Lync 2010 GCC client against PChat servers.

Removal of iOS 10 support

MindLink will drop support for iOS 10 for MindLink Mobile apps.

This concludes the list of new features introduced in version 19.3, for the latest server installers please find the relevant link from the selection below…

MindLink Anywhere: Feature-enhanced Skype for Business Web Client with support for Persistent Chat, download MindLink Anywhere v19.3

MindLink Mobile: Secure Skype for Business mobile client with support for Persistent Chat, download MindLink Mobile v19.3

MindLink API: Integrate communications-enabled business processes with Skype for Business, download MindLink API v19.3