New Release Version Available: Version 19.2

Release version 19.2 adds exciting new features to MindLink Anywhere, our secure Skype for Business web client. By addressing the latest user requirements for whitespace reduction, user distinguishability and general accessibility, each stemming from customer use cases, MindLink Anywhere continues to deliver the mission-critical messaging experience.

Taken directly from the v19.2 release notes, MindLink Anywhere now includes the following new features:

Per-room custom aliases: There is now an added ability to set a custom user alias in each chatroom. This mimics the "nick" feature in IRC/mIRC but allows this to be performed individually in each chatroom. Users can adjust their alias by entering a custom name in the field beneath the chatroom name.

Emojis: MindLink Anywhere now supports sending and receiving of emojis. Users can insert emojis by clicking the emoji icon in the message input and select the desired emoji from the emoji picker. MindLink Anywhere supports the full set of emojis and interoperates with Skype for Business clients as best as possible.

User colors: With the release of this version users have the option to show user display names in different colors, based on the user. This will mirror a feature in WhatsApp - making the messages and senders easier to distinguish. Users can enable or disable this feature in the settings menu under ‘Conversation Settings’ > ‘Show user colors’. The color shown is generated from the user's name.

Option to remove lines between messages: By default, a light grey line is shown in between messages. Users are now able to toggle this on or off from the settings menu under ‘Conversation Settings’ > ‘Hide separators between messages’. Enabling this feature further reduces the whitespace in the conversation view.

The addition of per-room aliases caters particularly well to shift workers, incident management support and role-based communication scenarios. For example, as a shift manager you could set your alias to reflect your position/role and make distinguish your display name clearly for other participants. When shifts rotate, the next user can set their alias to identify themselves based on their role.

Building on the theme of distinguish-ability, enabling ‘Show user colors’ will allow participants to easily differentiate messages sent by different users and more quickly identify messages sent by the same user.

Besides the latest feature introductions, the entire MindLink product suite has received another wave of bug fixes and improvements. For the full details please see the release notes.

For the latest server installers please find the relevant link from the selection below…

MindLink Anywhere: Feature-enhanced Skype for Business Web Client with support for Persistent Chat, download MindLink Anywhere v19.2

MindLink Mobile: Secure Skype for Business mobile client with support for Persistent Chat, download MindLink Mobile v19.2

MindLink API: Integrate communications-enabled business processes with Skype for Business, download MindLink API v19.2