MindLink appoints Ben Osborne as the new CTO, Harpreet Gosal to head US defense and security intiative as VP for North America

After acquiring several notable customers in the US Defense & Security sector MindLink seeks to continue its expansion further into the North American market. Spearheading the second phase of MindLink’s expansion is Harpreet Gosal, once the longstanding chief technology officer for MindLink, his role has now evolved to become the Vice President for operations in North America to grow this initiative to the next level.

As a result of this transition the MindLink board of directors welcomes a new member today, Ben Osborne is the newly appointed Chief Technology Officer for MindLink.

Ben Osborne has held an influential role as the Lead Architect within MindLink’s development and engineering teams for numerous years. He has been instrumental to redefining the engineering process and expediting MindLink’s product roadmap. Ben Osborne, is a pioneer of the MindLink engineering team being one of the first developers when MindLink was founded and being an active contributor towards the milestones achieved since then.

The board’s decision is fundamental to MindLink’s corporate strategy, MindLink’s previous CTO Harpreet Gosal moves forward to lead a new initiative with key organisations within the US Defense & Security sector, to manage strategic business relationships as the VP for North American operations. Simultaneously Ben Osborne, MindLink’s newly appointed CTO, will continue to lead development efforts in the UK.