Introducing MindLink release version 17.8

Release version 17.8 is out now! The new MindLink Mobile application will be hitting the Google Play Store and iOS App Store very soon. In this release we’ve got a few new interesting features and further improvements to the UI and end user experience, and we’ve continued to expand our feature support against Skype for Business Online.

What to expect in release version 17.8:

For MindLink Mobile users:

  • After introducing the typing indicator in MindLink Desktop, this feature has now also made its way into MindLink Mobile.

For MindLink Desktop users:

  • MindLink Desktop has seen further improvements to managing the screen real estate/interface. A new feature allowing users to expand/collapse whitespace between messages has now been added and can be toggled from the settings menu.
  • Logging on has been improved, users should now be able to logon faster especially if they have a large number of contacts/chatrooms stored in their profile.

For System Administrators:

  • Introducing additional administrative controls for MindLink Mobile (MDM-managed), administrators can now control when, and which, web browsers and mailing applications can be used to view/send files opened within MindLink Mobile, further enhancing MindLink’s data loss prevention capabilities.
  • We’ve made some changes to the installer so the service account is now automatically assigned the necessary group memberships to monitor performance once the service is running.

Skype for Business Online feature support:

  • Improved contact cards support for Skype for Business Online – the location, personal note and presence are now visible on contact cards. Contact cards will now also show whether a contact is using a mobile device.
  • The Skype for Business Online connector now also supports rich message content, allowing hyperlinks and alerts to be sent correctly between endpoints.

With the release of version 17.8 our development team have already started work on the next release, version 17.9, due to release before the end of February. We will be generously delivering some very useful features and functionality including ad hoc IM conferencing.

For more information on upcoming releases and other updates, bookmark this page and keep an eye on this blog!