MindLink API - Your Bot Framework for Lync/Skype for Business On Premise

By Annekathrin Hase on Apr 26, 2016 7:23:43 AM

Satya Nadella has previously declared “bots are the new apps” with Microsoft already having launched a few highly publicised examples; such as Cortana, a personal assistant type bot designed for its Windows 10 platform or Tay, which made headlines for not quite the right reasons. Now Microsoft launched its Bot Framework.

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How to leverage Enterprise Chat to reinforce Marketing Departments

By Greeshma Suresh on Jun 4, 2015 9:37:54 AM

Ever wondered what exactly Marketing does? A simple definition would be “*marketing is everything a company does to acquire customers and maintain a relationship with them” - In a more detailed context,  Marketing is a function responsible for upholding your brand name in the world of scrutiny and driving interest to your value proposition with the ultimate goal of growing your revenue.

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Integrating Business Processes with Microsoft Lync (Part 2)

By Luke Terry on Oct 24, 2014 10:33:00 AM

Unleashing the developer in everyone

Lync 2013 ships with a Web API called UCWA, the problem is it’s almost as complex to use as the more advanced .Net SDK, and is a significant barrier to developers unfamiliar with Lync. Furthermore it isn’t designed with control in mind, so once you connect you’re free to do whatever you like with no restriction on message rates or monitoring.

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Integrating Business Processes with Microsoft Lync (Part 1)

By Luke Terry on Sep 26, 2014 10:20:00 AM

Getting Everything You Need To Make Better Decisions 

Making decisions is hard. Making the right decisions without all the right information is harder. To make effective choices you need everything that matters in front of you, or at the very least you have to remember everything in context.

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Enterprise Integration - a pre-requisite to Effective Collaboration

By Alex Rainsley on Jun 6, 2014 9:14:00 AM

Condensing your working environment to the size of a 10” inch tablet is no small undertaking. The lack of multiple, moveable windows and task visibility further compound this issue. So what do you usually end up doing? Switching between numerous apps and windows. Focused on only the foreground and not the background. There are implications to missing key business decisions.

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Chatbots – A brief introduction to Bots & how they boost collaboration

By Satpal Hunjan on Sep 10, 2013 8:51:00 AM

In the early days of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) instant messaging… communities grew, allowing people to form social bonds with each other around the globe, with nothing but the power of the written word.

Communities grew organically, some looking for love, some sharing ideas, some just wanting to be part of something new and exciting. A few large corporations sensed the power of Instant Messaging and nurtured a delicate culture amongst their employees, balancing innovation, real-time communication, social networking and business critical collaboration against a locked down system with 1984 heavy-hammers of system security and risk management.

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