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With our team of dedicated experts we provide a range of products and professional services to help you get the most out of your enterprise messaging platform.

What is
Persistent Chat?

Group chatrooms with conversation history that's visible to all group members, whether they have just joined or have been there from the beginning.

How will my users benefit?

MindLink's applications provide the latest features which users have become accustomed to from their consumer counterparts.

What makes MindLink better?

Enterprise chat boosts organisational productivity. With MindLink we provide the latest enterprise messaging features, enterprise security, high availability and scalability.

How can I get

Visit the page of the product you're interested in below, download our software and contact us for a complimentary 30-day evaluation license.

Introducing our

Products & Services

MindLink's products and services are aimed at adding value to Persistent Chat, providing users with new and powerful features wrapped in a modern user experience.

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Working closely with customers across a variety of industries has allowed us to create best-in-breed solutions and provide exceptional services that extend beyond organisational requirements.

“We needed a collaboration platform that was accessible
in the office & on the go, offered superior integration with our existing systems and met stringent compliance requirements – MindLink came highly recommended”

Numis Securities, UK

“The security requirements for the intelligence community are among the highest in any industry and is essential to protect their mission. With MindLink we're able to meet commercial quality user experiences and maintain mission essential privacy and security from across the globe. MindLink’s technical expertise, agile development process and responsive support posture have been essential ingredients to a successful partnership.”

Key Technologies LLC, USA

"We're very pleased with MindLink API, which helped us implement our chatbot on Skype for Business in a few days, and allowed us to focus on the business outcomes of our bot instead of the plumbing. The team was very responsive to help us understand the API set up & to answer questions on our specific needs."

TeamDrill, France


Persistent Chat

Group chatrooms with conversation history that's visible to all group members, whether they have just joined or have been there from the beginning.

API Integrations

Connect your business-line applications with messaging. Allow systems to post data directly into your chatrooms or let users send system commands via chat.


A live feed of your latest instant messages and group conversations in a single view to help users stay on point, in real-time. Available on MindLink Mobile and MindLink Anywhere.

Web & Mobile

MindLink is a cross-platform solution with our dedicated web client; MindLink Anywhere, and mobile application; MindLink Mobile, for iOS & Android.

Instant & Multiparty Messaging

Send messages 1-to-1 between your contacts or start adhoc messaging conferences. Support for rich text formatting, sending alerts and more...

Excellent Admin Experience & Support

All of MindLink's core products come with a first-class administration experience which allows for simple, convenient configuration. For everything else there's 24/7 enterprise support.


Please feel free to contact us anytime.