How Will MindLink Help?

Financial Services >>

Enable teams to share real-time market data on a secure and compliant platform, whether they're in the office or on the go.

Support & Business Continuity

Collect data from multiple sources, resolve issues faster and preserve knowledge to avoid future incidents.

Local Government >>

Break down silos and improve cross-agency communication, support flexible working and enhance citizen support.

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Inroduction To MindLink Software

Intro To MindLink

Key Benefits


MindLink enterprise chat is accessible anywhere, via desktop, tablet and mobile. Ensure your teams stay productive and continue to collaborate while on the move. 


MindLink offers seamless integration with your existing processes and technologies such as SharePoint, CRM, ERP, Email, Social Media etc.

Security & Compliance

MindLink is designed for secure, managed and compliant knowledge sharing in fast-paced business environments and regulated industries.


Enterprise Chat on your Mobile Devices

Get Collaborating with MindLink on your iOS or BlackBerry devices in just 2 simple steps.

  1.   Download MindLink from iTunes or BBWorld

  2.   Get your Login details here

The MindLink blog

 Blue Light Services attend to thousands of incidents, prioritise, cross-check, re-prioritise, dispatch, update and get to the person who needs help in about 10-20 minutes on average. A tremendous undertaking!

No matter what time of the day, what incident or where the caller is located, Blue Light services still need to respond fast. What underlying technologies fuel the efficiency of these operations? 

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The latest strategic alliance between MindLink and Wizor expands enterprise chat solutions actross the Nordics to provide better knowledge sharing & communication solutions. 

It’s the role of Incident Management & Business Continuity to ensure that disruptions are limited and prevent re-occurrence. It is they who keep the business running smoothly.



CEO, CMO, CIO, CFO – yes, we know what to expect and who they are. But CCO? CCO, the Chief Collaboration Officer, is a term coined several years ago…but where are all the CCOs?

How MindLink Is Different

To Social Collaboration

We focus on purposeful collaboration - sharing critical business data at the right time, in the right contect.  All activities are recorded, preserving knowledge & fulfilling compliance needs.

To Microsoft Persistent Chat

MindLink is deeply integrated, available on Windows, Mac & Linux as well as mobile or tablet devices supporting full mobility. We also focus on a wealth of unqiue features for business chat.

To Email

MindLink reduces information overload, enables better conversation filtering, is purpose built for rapid conversation and a platform for real-time information sharing.

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