Why MindLink?

Purpose-built for Microsoft Lync™, MindLink is a powerful persistent group chat solution designed specifically for enterprise use.

Quick to implement, easy to use and fast to adopt.


  • Easy Knowledge sharing
  • Faster access to information
  • Real-time decision making
  • 75% less Email
  • Increased Productivity
  • Faster Incident resolution


Any Device, Anywhere

MindLink goes beyond Instant Messaging. Persistent Group Chat allows for all conversations, data, files etc. to be recorded, accessed and searched at any given time.
Build your knowledge repository!

MindLink is accessible in the office and on-the-go. Available on Windows, Mac & Linux as well as mobile devices and tablets for Blackberry, Android & iOS.
Stay connected wherever you are!

Security & Compliance

Advanced Integrations

MindLink offers highest security & out-of-the-box compliance to ensure your sensitive business data is protected at any time incl. Mobile Device Management Support.
Share data with peace of mind!

MindLink lets you connect your chat system to social media, portals, Email and any internal line-of-business application through our API.
Get contextual data within your chat rooms!

Inroduction To MindLink Software

Intro To MindLink
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Key Benefits


MindLink enterprise chat is accessible anywhere, via desktop, tablet and mobile. Ensure your teams stay productive and continue to collaborate while on the move. 


MindLink offers seamless integration with your existing processes and technologies such as SharePoint, CRM, ERP, Email, Social Media etc.

Security & Compliance

MindLink is designed for secure, managed and compliant knowledge sharing in fast-paced business environments and regulated industries.


Enterprise Chat on your Mobile Devices

Get Collaborating with MindLink on Android, iOS or BlackBerry

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The MindLink blog

MindLink for SharePoint Web Part is used to expose persistent group chat within the organisations SharePoint sites that are now used to actively broadcast information and allow the respective services and agencies across Eurasia to remain informed about all activities at HQ level. Authorisations for chat rooms are mirrored on SharePoint permissions. Several hundred people can now collaborate with the highest possible security no matter what agency they belong to and where they are based.

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Chat is no news to the corporate world.  Something that seeded in the financial industry over adecade ago, investment banking in particular, has spun out into other sectors (regulated or not) to being an established staple for enterprise....

The core functionality, however is, the cross-platform availability on Windows, Mac and Linux which is crucial for teams on client site having to use the client’s infrastructure to connect. With a multitude of customers...

It may feel like summer isn’t long gone, but Christmas will soon be front of mind for many people. Many of us will be planning to enjoy a long break between Christmas and New Year, while others will have to...

How MindLink Is Different

To Social Collaboration

We focus on purposeful collaboration - sharing critical business data at the right time, in the right contect.  All activities are recorded, preserving knowledge & fulfilling compliance needs.

To Microsoft Persistent Chat

MindLink is deeply integrated, available on Windows, Mac & Linux as well as mobile or tablet devices supporting full mobility. We also focus on a wealth of unqiue features for business chat.

To Email

MindLink reduces information overload, enables better conversation filtering, is purpose built for rapid conversation and a platform for real-time information sharing.

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