Why MindLink?

MindLink is a powerful chat-enabled collaboration solution designed specifically for enterprise use integrated with Microsoft Lync™ & Skype for Business.

Quick to implement, easy to use, fast to adopt.


  • Enable high velocity data exchange
  • Engage & empower employees
  • Accelerate decision making
  • Cut Email Volume by 75%
  • Boost Productivity by 20%
  • Reduce meeting & travel costs

• Easy knowledge sharing
• Faster access to information
• Real-time decision making
• 75% less Email
• Increased Productivity
• Faster Incident resolution

Any Device, Anywhere

MindLink is accessible in the office and on-the-go. Available on Windows, Mac & Linux as well as mobile devices and tablets for Blackberry, Android & iOS.
Stay connected wherever you are!

Security & Compliance

MindLink offers highest security & out-of-the-box compliance to ensure your sensitive business data is protected at any time incl. Mobile Device Management Support.
Share data with peace of mind!

Advanced Integrations

MindLink lets you connect your messaging platform to social media, portals, Email and any internal application through our API.
Get contextual data within your chat rooms!


MindLink goes beyond Instant Messaging. Persistent Group Chat allows for all conversations, data, files etc. to be recorded, accessed and searched at any given time.
Build your knowledge repository!

Introduction To MindLink Software

Intro To MindLink
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Key Benefits


MindLink enterprise chat is accessible anywhere, via desktop, tablet and mobile. Ensure your teams stay productive and continue to collaborate while on the move. 


MindLink offers seamless integration with your existing processes and technologies such as SharePoint, CRM, ERP, Email, Social Media etc.

Security & Compliance

MindLink is designed for secure, managed and compliant knowledge sharing in fast-paced business environments and regulated industries.


Enterprise Chat on your Mobile Devices

Get Collaborating with MindLink on Android, iOS or BlackBerry

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The MindLink blog

 Using emoji in your enterprise chat is not an extreme, improper means of expressing yourself- it is a way of keeping a certain amount of playfulness and laid-back aura in your working environment, of emphasising praise or cushioning the impact of criticism, of provoking thought and triggering the imagination. Hate them or love them, emoticons are the next step to online communication, provided they are used with caution and in the right context; there is always the risk of overusing them or misunderstanding their purpose in a text.

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This will enable users of Skype for Business to access Messaging & Chat channels across their Mobile devices as well as Mac and Linux operating systems.

MindLink for Good is a chat application built specifically for Enterprise use with added security and compliance functionalities....

“MindLink Anywhere brings the power of Microsoft Lync Persistent Chat, Presence and Instant Messaging through your web browser...”

How MindLink Is Different

To Social Collaboration

We focus on purposeful collaboration - sharing critical business data at the right time, in the right context.  All activities are recorded, preserving knowledge & fulfilling compliance needs.

To Microsoft Persistent Chat

MindLink is deeply integrated, available on Windows, Mac & Linux as well as mobile or tablet devices supporting full mobility. We also focus on a wealth of unqiue features for business chat.

To Email

MindLink reduces information overload, enables better conversation filtering, is purpose built for rapid conversation and a platform for real-time information sharing.

Find out how we stand out from the crowd

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