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MindLink Anywhere

A feature-enhanced Skype for Business web application.
Empowering Skype for Business users in the digital workplace with
an intuitive web client that’s accessible anywhere.

Secure Skype for Business Web Client

MindLink Anywhere is a secure Skype for Business web client that enables productivity in the digital workplace. With powerful features and a user experience that is consistent both in and outside of the office, MindLink Anywhere allows you to stay connected and stay productive, no matter where you are; at the office or working remotely.

Modern & Intuitive User Experience
Access all the features you need in an easy to use, single window, modern interface that is on par with consumer chat applications.
Spend less time training and onboarding users with a familiar user experience, so colleagues can hit the ground running unleashing new productivity.
Enhanced Productivity Features
Powerful features that are intuitive by design and ready to use in just a matter of clicks. MindLink Anywhere enhances the functionality of Skype for Business and adds on top of the existing features. Each of which help your users dissect and absorb information more quickly and conveniently, to get the most out of chat.
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Intelligence Community Approved

“The security requirements for the intelligence community are among the highest in any industry and is essential to protect their mission. With MindLink we're able to meet commercial quality user experiences and maintain mission essential privacy and security from across the globe. MindLink’s technical expertise, agile development process and responsive support posture have been essential ingredients to a successful partnership.” – Key Technologies LLC

Secure Web Access

Secure browser access to Skype for Business over HTTPS, empower your remote users and do away with desktop clients, guarantee your users the same experience in and outside the office.

Modern UX

Presenting Skype for Business in a new, modern user experience familiar to consumer alternatives for an intuitive on-boarding and user-friendly look & feel.

Complementary Features

Building on top of the native experience, MindLink Anywhere introduces new features that helps users dissect and absorb information more readily and hassle-free.

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