Compliance Made Convenient

MindLink Compliance offers a range of features that reduce the effort required to capture, process and archive entire conversations.

Leverage Existing eDiscovery Solutions

MindLink Compliance’s transport mechanism lets you make the most of your existing Search and eDiscovery applications by creating a single source of eDiscovery.

Light-weight, Flexible Design

MindLink Compliance is designed with a low network and resource overhead to allow for maximum performance and adaptability for custom requirements.

Low Network

MindLink Compliance reduces the strain on network by staggering the data transfer at peak times through robust scheduling mechanisms.

Compliance Meets Convenience

MindLink Compliance saves time and cost by eliminating the laborious process to manually recompile the conversations. Conversations for both Instant Messages and Persistent Chat as well as any file attachments shared within those conversations can be processed and archived simultaneously. The use of Active Directory filters to separate user conversations allows for more granular compliance data.

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MindLink Compliance for Teams

Extensive Platform & Archiving Solution Support

The following Unified Communications systems are supported:

  • Microsoft Lync (2010/2013) - Instant Messaging & Group (Persistent) Chat
  • Skype for Business (2015/2019) - Instant Messaging & Persistent Chat
  • Microsoft Teams
  • ICEChat
  • Yammer

MindLink Compliance supports the following archiving/non-repudiation storage solutions:

  • Enterprise Vault
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Autonomy
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • EMC2 Centera

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What Our Clients Say

Working closely with customers across a variety of industries has allowed us to create best-in-breed solutions and provide exceptional services that extend beyond organisational requirements.

“We needed a collaboration platform that was accessible in the office & on the go, offered superior integration with our existing systems and met stringent compliance requirements – MindLink came highly recommended.”

Numis Securities, UK

MindLink Compliance Key Benefits

Targeted Conversation Filtering

Enables searching on a variety of different identifiers, such as active directory attributes rather than a user's sip address alone.

Supports Message Data and File Attachments

All message data including file attachments are archived in the same application that is used to archive email, allowing for a single source of eDiscovery.

High Volume Scalability

Scalable enterprise solution proven at very high message volumes.

Low Network Footprint

Reduces the strain on network by staggering the data
transfer at peak times through scheduling mechanisms.

Leverage Existing Applications

Cost effective transport mechanism that lets you make the most of your existing search and eDiscovery applications.

Only Compile Necessary Message Data

Allows compliance managers from different teams or geographies to retrieve only the relevant information.


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