• Instant access to information
  • Rapid knowledge sharing through a wealth of content management features
  • Bringing remote workers closer together
  • Enhancing cooperation by centralising communication between global teams and across projects
  • Easy access on-the-go on tablet or mobile
  • Faster response times compared to email
  • Advanced data security and management
  • EMM support (AirWatch, Android for Work, BlackBerry, Citrix & MobileIron)
  • Business-line integrations (connecting email, social feeds and more with chat)
What our customers think...

Numis Securities

MindLink provides this financial institution with increased flexibility, improved communication and tight process integration across the business.

  • Integrated business processes (CRM, Social Media and Email)
  • Access on-the-go
  • Intuitive look and feel


Web-based, secure chat rooms allow project teams, developers and HQ staff to collaborate in the office and on client site.

  • Secure, cross-platform access
  • Access to real-time information both on and off site
  • Easy to adopt and use


MindLink provides this financial institution with a secure messaging platform, integrated with all relevant internal systems: CRM, Order Management, SharePoint and more.

  • Improved information transparency between teams
  • Enhanced knowledge management
  • Business integrations for messaging, CRM, Social Media and Email)


Highly secure chat rooms coupled with SharePoint provide the collaborative backbone to help manage international operations across agencies for this government organisation.

  • Meets highest security needs
  • Persistent, searchable knowledge repository
  • Real-time knowledge sharing and access

The Institutes

MindLink provides central place to access information & systems alerts for more effective IT management.

  • More agile IT operations with remote data access
  • Builds on existing Lync™ investment
  • Quicker incident response times

Group One Trading

MindLink ensures financial data compliance at Group One, one of the largest options trading firms in the US.

  • Cost effective Compliance & Archiving solution
  • Reduced network strain for data transfers
  • Simple data retrieval for compliance officers


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