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Our software solutions, designed for Microsoft UC systems, improve the native capabilities of the underlying UC platform and address advanced requirements for mobility, security, compliance, integrations and user experience.

The MindLink Product Suite

MindLink Desktop and MindLink Mobile

The MindLink product suite consists of MindLink Desktop, MindLink Mobile, MindLink Integrations and MindLink Compliance. Each of our software solutions is tailored to enrich your UC experience in their respective category.


MindLink Desktop (MLD) provides users with web access to, for example, Lync or Skype for Business. Packaged in a contemporary UI and loaded with a wealth of features that deliver an enhanced messaging capability.

MindLink Mobile (MLM) offers users access to UC systems, such as Lync and Skype for Business, whilst on the go providing extended features such as Persistent IM and access to Group Chat. MindLink Mobile is also available as a containerised client and supports Enterprise Mobility Management solutions like; AirWatch, MobileIron, BlackBerry/Good and Citrix.

MindLink Integrations (MLI) allow organisations to connect their business processes with existing communications workflows. We offer integration possibilities for Email and Social feeds and more advanced integration possibilities through our API. Further integrations can also be provided as part of our professional services offering.

MindLink Compliance (MLC) ensures messaging data is extracted and compiled into human readable conversations. Conversations, and their attachments, are then archived to the organisations non-repudiation solution ready for the perusal of compliance staff. MindLink Compliance supports UC systems such as Lync and Skype for Business, in addition to Yammer and ICEChat.



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MindLink Software is an accredited vendor

For government, defense and security organizations worldwide.


MindLink Desktop


One easy window for all your communications - All your contacts and chat rooms in a single window, tailored to your preferences.

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MindLink Mobile


The freedom of mobility plus enterprise security. Secure, containerized, group chat and persistent IM accessible from anywhere.

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MindLink Integrations MLI

Leverage and enhance your communications enabled business processes with our API and off-the-shelf integrations.

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MindLink Compliance MLC

Extracting message data from the underlying UC platform and archiving to non-repudiation storage.

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