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Software Solutions

Our software solutions, designed for Skype for Business, improve the native capabilities of the platform and address advanced requirements for mobility, security, compliance, integrations and user experience.

MindLink Software Solutions

MindLink builds and develops software solutions for Skype for Business. Our solutions are designed to improve and build on top of the native capabilities Skype for Business offers, in areas such as: secure access to persistent chat on mobile devices, web access to IM and Persistent Chat (not just the meetings), compliance archiving and powerful integrations between Skype for Business and business-line applications.

MindLink Anywhere
MindLink Anywhere is a secure Skype for Business web client that offers users, both in and out of the office, a modern and highly intuitive user experience with newly added features which enhance productivity. It requires no client installation and is accessible over the web using any browser. In contrast to the native Skype for Business web app, MindLink Anywhere allows users to access more than just the meetings, allowing access to Instant Messaging, Presence, Group Chat (Persistent Chat), 1-to-1 Voice Calling, Multiparty Conversations and Multiparty Voice Calls.

Intelligence Community Approved

“The security requirements for the intelligence community are among the highest in any industry and is essential to protect their mission. With MindLink we're able to meet commercial quality user experiences and maintain mission essential privacy and security from across the globe. MindLink’s technical expertise, agile development process and responsive support posture have been essential ingredients to a successful partnership.” – Key Technologies LLC

MindLink Mobile
Secure mobile access to Skype for Business persistent chat with optional Enterprise Mobility Management control. Whether you’re in the office or on-the-go, MindLink Mobile allows full access to Skype for Business modalities such as Instant Messaging (IM), Multiparty conversations, Presence and Persistent Chat on iOS and Android devices. With the native Skype for Business client only offering IM on mobile devices, MindLink Mobile extends additional functionality to mobile users increasing their productivity regardless of their location, office-based, working remotely or on the move.

HIPAA-Compliant Collaboration

Deploy MindLink as the mobile collaboration platform in your HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure. MindLink offers all of the necessary technical safeguards to deliver a modern collaboration user experience that meets HIPAA standards.

MindLink Integrations
Leverage communications enabled business processes with Skype for Business using MindLink Integrations. Connect business-line applications with Skype for Business messaging and bridge workflows between multiple systems. Using the MindLink API any internal system can be integrated with Skype for Business and our off-the-shelf integrations include: Email connector, social connector and the MindLink SharePoint WebPart.
MindLink Chatbots

Chatbots designed for Skype for Business; write your own using our API, choose a ready-made chatbot or allow us to create a custom Skype for Business chatbot that is built to spec.

Through our RESTful API developers can code their chatbots in any programming language, removing much of the complexity when coding against UCMA/UCWA directly. For administrators we offer additional analytics and management capabilities to provision chatbots and throttle their activity.

MindLink Compliance
Compliance meets convenience. The MindLink Compliance tool extracts, processes and archives Skype for Business conversations to the enterprise’s non-repudiation storage. Removing the time-consuming steps of manual searching and compiling of message data, the MindLink Compliance tool does the work for you. Creating human-readable transcripts with file attachment support and additional active directory filtering mechanisms to ensure compliance data is sent and archived to the appropriate destination.

MindLink Software is an accredited vendor

For government, defense and security organizations worldwide.

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