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Skype for Business & Persistent Chat nearing End of Life

Based on the available Skype for Business support timelines it is apparent that Skype for Business will be unsupported as early as 2023. Although the Persistent Chat has been removed with the latest version of Skype for Business, we have found it is possible to run a Skype for Business 2015 Persistent Chat server in a Skype for Business 2019 topology. With this in mind, Persistent Chat is still functional in its current state and for the foreseeable future.


What will happen to Persistent Chat?

The fact that Skype for Business and Persistent Chat are nearing their end of life phase, coupled with unclear migration paths for Persistent Chat data onto other platforms, results in an uncertain future for organisations deploying Persistent Chat. This raises numerous concerns particularly in areas where Persistent Chat plays a business critical role and requires an adequate solution.


Persistent Chat after Skype for Business with MindLink

Acknowledging the value Persistent Chat brings to our customers we recognise the need for a suitable alternative. Through our lasting commitment to our customers and our history of developing solutions for Persistent Chat, we strive to re-power Persistent Chat beyond Skype for Business. With more information to follow soon, please register below to stay notified of any news and updates.

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