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MindLink Mobile

Secure Skype for Business Mobile client with access to Persistent Chat and other complementary features. Available on iOS and Android with EMM Support for:
AirWatch, BlackBerry Dynamics, Citrix, MobileIron and Android for Work.

On-the-go Access to Persistent Chat
MindLink Mobile allows access to Persistent Chat on mobile devices, view your chatrooms on-the-go, directly from any Android or iOS devices. MindLink Mobile provides mobile users with access to the same information as their on-site peers allowing them to stay productive and contribute whether in or outside the office. Mobile Persistent Chat is a feature exclusively available to MindLink Mobile and is not offered by Skype for Business or third party solution providers.
Secure, Stateless Client with EMM Support
MindLink Mobile offers additional data protection over Skype for Business Mobile as no data is stored locally on the device between sessions with additional data loss prevention controls configurable on the MindLink Mobile server. Available as a vanilla client or, for elevated control wrapped in an EMM solution of choice. MindLink Mobile is available as a managed application for AirWatch, BlackBerry (Good), Citrix, MobileIron and Android for Work.
New to Skype for Business: Complementary Features in a Modern UX 

Introducing new features to the Skype for Business mobile user experience with unique additions such as: 
LiveStream; the ability to monitor IMs and group chat activity simultaneously in a single view.
Multiparty conversations – In addition to persistent chat (chatrooms and groups) available on mobile devices, users can also initiate and participate in multi-user conversations.
Hashtags, create threaded conversations and filter the conversation by clicking any individual thread.
@Mentions, new and improved ego feed with user-specific matching reducing the number of unwanted notifications.
Intuitive interface, easy to navigate, easy to use, a functional layout designed to be instinctive to the user.

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HIPAA-Compliant Collaboration

Deploy MindLink as the mobile collaboration platform in your HIPAA-compliant IT infrastructure. MindLink offers all of the necessary technical safeguards to deliver a modern collaboration user experience that meets HIPAA standards.

Mobile Persistent Chat

Access your chatrooms on-the-go, MindLink Mobile offers users access to Skype for Business Persistent Chat on mobile devices.

Now also available with Multiparty Chat and Persistent Instant Messaging, users can resume conversations between sessions with automatic history loading for IM conversations.

Enterprise Secure: EMM Ready

MindLink Mobile (for Android & iOS) is available as a wrapped client, with EMM platform support for:

  • AirWatch
  • BlackBerry Dynamics
  • Citrix
  • MobileIron
  • Android for Work
Modern UX & Added Features

MindLink Mobile is presented in a modern user interface with intuitive controls, following best practices in messaging application design. Packaged with additional features that are new to Skype for Business, such as the LiveStream, #tags, mentions and a variety of user preference settings, MindLink Mobile boost productivity in a growing mobile workforce.

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