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MindLink Compliance

Compliance solutions for Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync, Yammer and ICEChat.
Manage your messaging data with ease using MindLink Compliance.

Auto-Compile Conversations
Tick all the boxes when it comes to compliance in corporate messaging. MindLink Compliance supports a range of unified communications platforms: Lync (2010/2013), Skype for Business (2015/2019), ICEChat and Yammer. Our solution extracts the messaging data from the underlying platform, compiles the raw message data and transforms the output into human-readable conversations. The formatted transcripts can then be archived to the organization's non-repudiation storage system, or sent as an email to specified inboxes.
File Attachment Support
In addition to message text data, the MindLink Compliance solution also handles any files that were sent or received during conversations. Any files exchanged during a conversation are processed and attached to their respective conversations before archiving to provide a complete record to the compliance archive.
Powerful AD Participant Filtering
The MindLink Compliance solution uses active directory filters to select participants in a conversation based on specific criteria. This allows compliance engineers to build compliance records based on participant location, department, or any other active directory attribute to only compile the data necessary to satisfy compliance requirements excluding any non-mandatory data.
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Compliance Meets Convenience

MindLink Compliance saves time and cost by eliminating the laborious process  to manually recompile the conversations. Conversations for both Instant Messages and Persistent Chat as well as any file attachments shared within those conversations can be processed and archived simultaneously. The use of Active Directory filters to separate user conversations allows for more granular compliance data.

Extensive Platform Support

The following Unified Communications systems are supported:

  • Microsoft Lync (2010/2013) - Instant Messaging & Group (Persistent) Chat
  • Skype for Business (2015/2019) - Instant Messaging & Persistent Chat
  • ICEChat
  • Yammer
Supported Archiving Solutions

MindLink Compliance supports the following archiving/non-repudiation storage solutions:

  • Enterprise Vault
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Autonomy
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • EMC2 Centera
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