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Pave the way for enhanced organisational productivity with MindLink Chatbots.
Get more out of chat and build your own Skype for Business chatbots using the MindLink API or opt for a ready-made chatbot.

Easy to build Skype for Business Chatbots, by MindLink
Plain & Simple: The easiest way to develop and connect a large inventory of enterprise chatbots to Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business. Build your own or use one of our ready-made bots. The MindLink API offers complex integration possibilities yet spares the hassle of coding directly against UCMA/UCWA by allowing developers to use their preferred programming language and offers additional management capabilities. MindLink also offers ready-made chatbots which are easily setup check below for details! Download the datasheet to find out more.

Build your own Skype for Business chatbots

Get more out of Lync and Skype for Business by building your own enterprise chatbots through the MindLink API
Take a look at some customer examples below

See the list of sample Skype for Business chatbots developed by our existing customers using the MindLink API.

Announcement Bot: Broadcast messages into multiple chat rooms on demand.

Message Flow Bot: Bridge multiple chat rooms by synchronizing messages.

JIRA/CRM Bot: Post newly raised tickets from JIRA or account information from CRM to a chatroom with links to each ticket.

Poll Bot: Voting in chatrooms. Gauge availability for meetings or other events – or perhaps where to go for lunch with the team.

Price Bot: Enter a stock symbol and receive a price quote.

Q&A Bot: Coordinate meetings with a question/answer workflow.

Quiz Bot: A chatbot that asks questions and scores answers for each user. Great for onboarding and group training.

Tag Cloud Bot: Generated word cloud that visually represents the frequency of each topic discussed in a chatroom.

Whitenoise Bot: Send automated messages to chatrooms. Great to issue reminders, i.e. to drink enough water during the day, when the monthly financial closing period starts or address/phone number changes.

Want to get started coding your own chatbots for Lync and Skype for Business? Contact us here for a free trial and more information regarding open source samples and tutorials for the MindLink API.

Download the datasheet

Rather not code?
Use a ready-made Skype for Business chatbot instead

We offer several ready-made Skype for Business chatbots, see below, need a chatbot that isn't listed?
MindLink also offers custom chabot development

Why MindLink Chatbots?
  • Increased visibility and analytics for enterprise chatbots
  • Improved management for a large-scale inventory of chatbots
  • Additional provisioning and control mechanisms
  • Reduced complexity of coding custom enterprise chatbots compared to coding against UCMA/UCWA.
Build your own or go ready-made

Using the MindLink API organisations can write custom bots or connect virtually any other business systems directly to Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business. Rather not code? Use one of our ready-made bots or get in touch for custom chatbot development.

Supported UC Platforms

The following platforms are supported for our API and ready-made chatbots:

  • Microsoft Lync (2010/2013)
  • Skype for Business (2015/2019) - On Premise Edition
  • Skype for Business Online (O365) - Ready-made chatbots only
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