*New* Software Release - More security Features & Integration

Feb 16, 2017 9:31:52 AM

London, UK – 16 February 2017MindLink™ has launched its latest software release which focuses on bringing more first-rate security features to the enterprise messaging platform. 


Data is the most valuable asset of a firm and increasingly vulnerable to loss or leaking. 43% of businesses experienced a data loss, according to Kaspersky Labs, with 20% of global enterprises suffering four or more data breaches in 2016.

“Data protection is a top priority for 80% of businesses. It is those firms we are actively working with. Enterprise Chat is more than just a smooth user interface and usability features – it is about keeping control of your data and keeping it safe”, says Harpreet Gosal, CTO, MindLink.

 The latest MindLink software release focuses on security & integration:

  • Integrated Windows Single Sign On (SSO)

The MindLink Desktop app can leverage the user’s authenticated Windows security context to offer a secure zero-sign-on log on experience

  • Pre-authenticated Single Sign On (SSO)

The MindLink Desktop app supports integration with pre-authenticating HTTP proxies to offload custom or complex authentication and authorization workflows

  • Android for Work container (AfW)

The MindLink Mobile app for Android is supported inside the AfW container, securing the app’s at-rest and network data with AfW’s deep native encryption capabilities. MindLink supports the full AfW deployment and lifecycle management capabilities, incl. configuration & data-loss-prevention policies

  • Add-Ins

MindLink provides integration with business workflows through Add-ins whilst additional content management features such as bookmarks, inline images, smart hashtags & @ mentions have been added

MindLink‘s latest release adds to its already rigorous security & compliance focus with OnPremise and Private Cloud deployments (as opposed to Cloud only), MDM/EMM support for MobileIron, Good, BES, Citrix, AirWatch and out-of-the-box compliance connectors to meet regulatory requirements.

“External threats will likely focus on credential theft first. Antiquated authentication mechanisms are hence one of the weakest security links”, continues Harpreet Gosal. “We want to address that and strongly advocate for firms to take ownership of the tools they provide to their staff.”

MindLink’s chat tools have become popular amongst a range of clients, notably financial services, government & defence agencies, pharmaceutical/healthcare and law firms, who all share a need for highly secure messaging tools whilst catering for dispersed teams and a mobile workforce.

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Written by Annekathrin Hase

Annekathrin (aka AK) leads Marketing at MindLink and is responsible for the increase of MindLink's market penetration and profile and the support of key business objectives through marketing, retention, acquisition and CEM programs. With experience across several technology sub-sectors and geographical regions, Annekathrin held several senior marketing positions at US and UK technology start-ups such as Roambi and Satmetrix. She also held marketing roles at Orange, Netsize and Apple.