An Introduction to Business Critical Collaboration

An introduction to business critical collaboration

Email overload. Missed communications. Being unable to collaborate on the move.  

As your business expands into new locations, markets or even territories, the bigger these communication problems become – impacting your bottom line.

That’s why companies like Numis, Redburn, BP, Aviva, Unibet and others have found a solution.

It’s called Business Critical Collaboration using Persistant Chat tools, and it can deliver:
  • 75% reduction in emails
  • 20% increase in productivity
  • 43% decrease in support costs
Your business can enjoy these benefits if you have the right Collaboration tools.

And that’s why we’ve built a free whitepaper to help you source the best tools for your business, offering:

  • Rapid information retrieval & knowledge sharing
  • Real-time collaboration & decision making
  • Deep process & system integration
  • Compliant, secure, structured systems
  • Platform agnostic applications – for PC, Mac, Linux on Desktop, Web, Tablets and Mobile

The expert guide will show you some familiar problems with poor communications and overreliance on Email, and help you find solutions that make your teams work better, faster and smarter – wherever they are.

Explore what Business Critical Collaboration can do for your bottom line. Download the guide today with our compliments.

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